DIY Replacement 6-cell stick with PTC strip attached

DIY Replacement 6-cell stick with PTC strip attached

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Quick Overview

The Amped-Up battery is a replacement for the cells in your old hybrid battery pack. These cells provide 40% more power.


The DIY pack option is for those who wish to build or repair their own packs. These cells are brand new and provide 40% more power than the original cells. You must remove the sticks from your old battery and replace them with these. PTC strips have been mounted on these sticks, so you must return your old strips to obtain a refund of your security deposit.

For 144V systems, you will need 20 sticks. For 288V systems (1997-1999 Prius NHW10), you will need 40 sticks. For 168V and 100V systems, you should purchase our PTC-less product instead.

These sticks are compatible with (and can be used to repair)

  • Bumblebee MaxIMA batteries
  • Hybrid Revolt 8Ah batteries
  • Adopt-a-Part batteries
  • EVPowers batteries
  • Dorman batteries with new cells
  • Green Volt Hybrid Solutions Elite batteries
  • Hybrid-Battery BetterBattery batteries

The sticks are not compatible with Honda or Toyota sticks and cannot be mixed with them.

If you do not have the knowledge and skill to safely replace the cells, then you should not order this product.

Because this is a component, the warranty is 30 days.

This product requires a security deposit of $5 per stick

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