Error Codes for 2006-2011 Honda Civic Hybrid

When your IMA light comes on, your mechanic can plug a scanner into your car and read the reported OBD-II error codes. Get this list and compare it to the list below.

Generic error codes

These codes are related to an IMA system problem, but you should ignore them because they always accompany another error. These codes are used by the car to turn on the IMA and Check Engine lights

  • P1600
  • P1601


Battery Cell - related errors

These errors always mean that the cells in the battery have failed or are failing. If you have one of these errors, you need to replace your battery.

  • P0A7E
  • P0A7F
  • P0A9D - (temperature sensor problem inside housing)
  • P0A9E - (temperature sensor problem inside housing)
  • P0AC7 - (temperature sensor problem inside housing)
  • P0AC8 - (temperature sensor problem inside housing)
  • P0ACC - (temperature sensor problem inside housing)
  • P0ACD - (temperature sensor problem inside housing)
  • P1435
  • P1446
  • P1570
  • P1574 - (temperature sensor problem inside housing)


Electronics Relay Board - related errors

These errors can be fixed by replacing the electronics relay board on the battery. If you have one of these errors but not one of the cell errors, contact us to order the part you need.

  • P0A27
  • P0AE1


Battery Fan - related errors

This error is almost always caused by a bad battery fan. It is caused by all three temperature sensors reading hot at the same time. A cell failure will usually only overheat one portion of the battery. If you have this error, have your mechanic check that the fan turns. If it is working properly, then you have a cell failure.

  • P1448


Amped Hybrid is not responsible if you misdiagnose your battery. If you have one of the errors above, you definitely need the repair listed above, but if you have other codes, they may indicate other problems in the IMA system that need to be fixed too. For example, if you have a bad battery and a bad commutation sensor, then once you change the battery, the IMA system still will not work because you haven't fixed the commutation sensor. We encourage you to submit your list of codes when you order. We will check it and contact you if we think you are ordering the wrong part.